JUNE 26 – 30, 2024

The Rubicon Trail is one of the most challenging and threatened trails in the US. It will test your nerve, your driving skill and your vehicle.

Minimum Vehicle requirements

  • #1 Lift = 3” Minimum
  • #2 Tires = 35” Minimum
  • #3 Lockers = Rear required, front optional
  • #4 HAM recommended, CB as a minimum
  • Note – Wagon Run has additional requirements. See Vehicle Requirements for details.

Select a run that meets your departure requirements, your desire whether to eat breakfast with the group before the run, and if you want to go straight through to the Springs in one day or have a camp night at Buck Island along the way. Anyone new to wheeling or that has never done the Rubicon, is encouraged to do it as a 2 day trip (any of them that list a camp at Buck.) Also, if you drive a “wagon” we strongly suggest you try to take the Wednesday Wagon Run.

Run Dates and Details

There is only one trail that leads to the Rubicon Springs. The Runs are just groups that will be departing from different starting points, on different days and are either a 1 or 2 day trip into Rubicon Springs.

Open Registration Runs

Departing Wednesday, June 26

Wednesday Wagon Run
Departure Date: Wednesday, June 26
Departure Time: 8:30 am
Departure Location: Loon Lake Spillway
Camp: Buck Island

Wednesday Barker’s Pass Run from Tahoe side
Departure Date: Wednesday, June 26
Departure Time: 10 am
Departure Location: Barker’s Pass parking lot
Straight through to Rubicon Springs
Lunch Stop at Observation (Bring your own lunch)
*This route is used by the Committee, taking Barker’s Pass Rd to Cadillac Hill and into Rubicon Springs. This is for those that do not want to run the trail from Loon Lake to Rubicon Springs.

Wednesday Solid Axle Run
Departure Date: Wednesday, June 26
Departure Time: 7:30 am
Departure Location: Loon Lake Spillway
Straight through to Rubicon Springs

Departing Thursday, June 27

4Runner/Mini-Truck Run
Departure Date: Thursday, June 27
Departure Time: 7 am
Departure Location: Loon Lake Spillway
Straight through to Rubicon Springs
*This run is for Rubicon veterans/experienced drivers with well-prepped rigs

Huft’s Breakfast Run
Departure Date: Thursday, June 27
Departure Time: 8:30 am
Departure Location: Icehouse Resort
Camp: Buck Island

Family Run from Tahoma
Departure Date: Thursday, June 27
Departure Time: 9 am
Departure Location: Tahoma Staging
Straight through to Rubicon Springs

Restricted Registration Runs

Restricted runs are by qualification/invite only.

Departing Wednesday, June 26

Mudrak’s Double Locker Run
Departure Date: Wednesday, June 26
Departure Time: 2 pm
Departure Location: Ellis Creek
Camp: Buck Island
Must contact: double@rubithon.com for invite permission

Departing Friday, June 28

Marlin Crawler Sweeper Run
Departure Date: Friday, June 28
Departure Time: TBD
Departure Location: Loon Lake Spillway
Straight through to Rubicon Springs
Must contact: sweeper@rubithon.com for invite permission

Run Arrival/Check In Details

Arrive a minimum of 1 hour before departure time. Each organized run will meet at the trailhead listed for a pre-run safety check, proof of insurance and registration check-in. You will then be led in by a Trail Lead, an experienced wheeler that will help you navigate your way through the trail and help with any issues. In addition, you will have committee members on your run that will help with any problems you may encounter along the way.

Rubicon Springs

Once in the Springs, please check in after you get your camp set up. There you will be given your meal tickets, your Grand Prize raffle ticket and a schedule of events for Friday and Saturday. While in the Springs, feel free to explore the area, check out the stone cabin, hike, fish or swim in the beautiful Rubicon River, compete in the horseshoe tournament or the RC Rock Crawler competition, attend an educational class, or just be lazy and enjoy the beauty of the Sierras.

The Rubicon Trail is located in the high Sierra’s and accordingly, the weather can be very unpredictable. Bring swimsuits, rain gear and even a coat that will work in the snow (not kidding!) Also, bring gloves, eye protection and plenty of sunscreen and mosquito spray! There are bears in the area, so be bear smart — don’t leave food lying around in camp and definitely keep it out of your tents!


  • Hike, fish or swim in the beautiful Rubicon River
  • Educational classes
  • Winch safety class
  • Horseshoe tournament
  • RC rock crawling competition
  • Children’s raffle and movie

Leaving Rubicon Springs

On Sunday, the Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s will be on Cadillac Hill from 7 am to noon to help everyone exit expediently. Please stay in your vehicle and we will stack rocks or set up any winching that may need to be done. If you choose to exit later in the day, or to exit back via Loon, you may do so, but you will not have the Rubithon Committee there to help and will be on your own.


The Rubicon Trail requires a “pack it in – pack it out” policy. You will only be able to burn paper trash from the dinners. It is imperative that you take any trash, including cans and bottles, back to your campsite to take with you when you leave the trail. Please do not throw any of these or like items into the fire as it is improper and just plain rude to our committee guys that have to clean up your trash. Remember that we are camping on private property and if we are not good trail users, we could lose the privilege of holding our event here!


One thing you can do to enhance a great Rubicon experience is to ensure your vehicle is safe, well maintained and make certain any known issues are corrected BEFORE you arrive at the trailhead. The potential for body damage and breakage is high and there are no parts stores within a reasonable distance of the trail. With that in mind, your trail spares should travel with you.

The Rubicon Trail falls under county and federal jurisdictions, and as such, is likely to be patrolled by law enforcement. Drinking and driving will not be tolerated, and violators may be cited and/or arrested. In short, save the drinking for camp and don’t drink and drive!

For more information, and updates from others planning to attend, check out the official Rubithon thread on IH8MUD.com.

Important Deadlines

May 17: A $25 late fee will be added to registrations after May 17th.
May 31: Registration closes May 31st.

We encourage you to join us for as many TLCA events as you can find time for, and we look forward to seeing you at our Rubithon Event!