• Lift = 3” Minimum
  • Tires = 35” Minimum
  • Lockers = Rear required, front optional
  • HAM recommended, CB as a minimum


  • Front Locker is required
  • 2m HAM only, no CB
  • Winch, gloves, recovery strap (not a snatch strap) and shackle

Rubithon Vehicle Inspection Requirements Vehicles registered for participation in the Rubithon event are subject to a ‘Vehicle Inspection’. And though Rubithon and TLCA make no representation as to the impact of such an inspection upon ‘safe’ participation in an event, failure to pass such an inspection will disqualify the vehicle from participating in the event.

All determinations pertaining to the ‘Vehicle Inspection’ shall be at the sole judgment of the event committee, and/or its designate s, responsible for such inspections. If a vehicle fails to pass an inspection, correction of any deficiencies may be attempted and the vehicle re – inspected … provided such correction and re – inspection can be conducted without impact to event schedules.

The minimum vehicle requirements which, if not met, may disqualify a vehicle from participating in the event: If your vehicle does not meet these requirements, request approval directly from Rubithon Chairman

  • Vehicle must be street legal or green stickered with current registration and proof of Liability Insurance
  • Battery secured (no bungees )
  • Rear Locker required. Front Locker and lower gearing recommended
  • Minimum 35″ Tires (must have at least 2/32″ of tread)
  • Spare Tire must be fully inflated and within 3 ” of other tires. Tires over 37 ” ( a tube / bailing wire / repair kit will suffice )
  • Tires must be aired down to a maximum of 15 psi prior to safety inspection
  • Hi Lift Jack capable of lifting vehicle
  • Tool capable of removing lug nuts (don’t forget any wheel locks)
  • Front and rear recovery points
  • A tow strap (no chains or metal hooks.) Rated for twice the vehicles weight
  • Extrication Hardware (tree strap, clevis, dowels, snatch block)
  • Service Brakes: Must be able to stall engine when idling in High Range 2nd gear (1st gear if 3 speed)
  • Parking Brake: Must be able to stall engine when idling in High Range 3rd gear (2nd gear if 3 speed)
  • Head Lights, Running Lights and Brake Lights : Must be functioning properly
  • Roll Bar: Any open vehicle must have a roll bar firmly attached to the vehicle
  • Seat Belts: Required for driver and each passenger
  • Steering: Check play in wheel, condition of column and mounting hardware, knuckle arms
  • Fire Extinguisher: Must show full cha rge on gauge and/or have seal intact
  • First Aid Kit: Recommended to be as complete as is reasonably possible
  • Antenna Length: Not longer than 54″, unless both ends are firmly attached to the vehicle
  • Hoses and Lines: Please do not bring a vehicle with exces sive leaks to an event. This is damaging to the environment.
  • Exhaust System: Must be intact. No open exhaust, excessive noise or excessive smoke

Recommended additional items:

  • Leather gloves and eye protection
  • Oil spill recovery kit (can be picked up at t he Kiosk an no charge (provided by El Dorado County)
  • Personal toilet and wag bags. At least one person in group must have this. Remember “Pack it In, Pack it Out!”
  • Body Protection (skid plates and sliders)
  • Spare: fluids, belts, plug wires, parts
  • Tire gauge, tire patch kit, means to inflate tires
  • Tool kit / especially any special vehicle specific parts or tools
  • Ham or CB Radio
  • Winch Rags, Hand Cleaner, Litter Bags
  • Axe, Shovel
  • Flashlight, Spare Batteries, Spare Vehicle Key