Online and mail in registration is now closed. If you are still interested in attending please come directly to the event and we will register you on site.

Welcome To The Rubithon 2018 Registration!

May 14th: A $25 late fee will be added to registrations after May 14th.  Mailed registrations must be postmarked by May 14 to avoid the late fee.
May 20th: Registrations received after May 20th will have their t-shirts and hoodies mailed to them after the event.
June 1st: We can’t guarantee meals for any registrations received after June 1st.

For faster processing, most accurate registration, and to instantly pay and guarantee your spot, our preferred method is online registration.

Run Descriptions

Unlike many other events, there is only one trail that leads to the Rubicon Springs. The Runs are just groups that will be departing from different starting points, on different days and are either a 1 or 2 day trip into the Springs. In short, pick a run that meets your departure requirements, your desire whether to eat breakfast with the group before the run and if you want to go straight through to the Springs in one day or have a camp night at Buck Island along the way. Anyone new to wheeling or that has never done the Rubicon, are encouraged to do it as a 2 day trip (any of them that list a camp at Buck.) Also, if you drive a “wagon” I would strongly suggest you try to take the Wagon Run.

  • Tuesday, June 19; 8 AM from Loon with a camp at Buck; Metal Tech 4×4’s GX470, FJC and 120 Run *RUN CANCELLED*
  • Wednesday, June 20; 8 AM from Loon with a camp at Buck; Pryor’s Wagon Run *RUN FULL*
  • Wednesday, June 20; 2 PM from Little Sluice; Mudrak’s Double Locker Run (Must contact 1st 707-292-3509)
  • Thursday, June 21; 8 AM from Loon straight to the Springs; Tahoe Hi-Lo’s Run
  • Thursday, June 21; 8 AM from Icehouse Resort with a camp at Buck; Newell/Huft’s Breakfast Run
  • Thursday, June 21; 9AM from Tahoma Staging with BBQ @ Obervation; Flynn/Winkel’s Family Run
  • Thursday, June 21; 10AM from Tahoma Staging; Brown’s Toys on the Rocks Tahoma Run
  • Renegade Run (You list your departure day and starting point)

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